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Dear Colleagues,

I had the honour to invite you to participate in the 41st Congress of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology held in Kraków from June 2 to 4, 2016. 2016 is a special year for Polish radiology, as we will celebrate the 120th anniversary of its birth.In early January 1896, here in Kraków, Professor Karol Olszewski of the Jagiellonian University repeated Roentgen’s experiment, thus starting the Polish chapter in the history of world radiology.

The year 2016 also marks the 90th anniversary of the publication of the first issue of Polski Przegląd Radiologii (Polish Journal of Radiology), as well as the 100th anniversary of Karol Mayer’s being first to have built the basis of X-Ray tomography – also in Kraków.

The 41st Congress of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology was held in this beautiful and dignified city, the scene of many events of importance to our country’s history, culture and science. It used to be described as Cracovia totius Poloniae urbs celeberrima (Kraków, the Most Celebrated City in All Poland). So I am sure that Kraków, with its history, monuments and the tradition of its Jagiellonian University, offered the perfect atmosphere for science-related debates during this celebration of radiology.

On the 1 st June there has been unveiled a monument commemorating the execution of the first Polish x-ray images, held a general meeting of delegates PLTR and selection of the new board of directors of the society. In the evening on the Ice Breaking Party in Club Odeon met those who already came to the city of Wawel Dragon. 2-4 June was a time of intense scientific activity-26 scientific sessions, 31 educational sessions, 3 special sessions, poster session (electronic posters) and the 9th workshop edition. The supplements to the program were exposures – reconstruction of the first Polish set of x-rays, the exhibition "milestones of Polish Radiology" as well as exhibitions presenting radiological studies of flowers, shells, works of art and works for forensic medicin.
On the evening of 2 June, we met in the opening ceremony and on the 3rd June in the Old Tram Depot in Kazimierz we had fun on the get-together party.   Fans of running, despite the rain, ran the distance of more than 3 kilometres. There was also five-minute for creators  on June the 3rd at the vernissage met radiologists and painters. Exhibition of 41 paintings went impressively.  All this happened with the help of sponsors, patrons, partners, exhibitors, the logistic organizer (Symposium Cracoviense) and  friends ...   And the most important- participants (around 1900) by creating the atmosphere proved once again that the Polish Radiology is a united family, formed by the radiologists, technicians, physicists and engineers, and also medical and radiological students from scientific circles. 
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart  


Professor Andrzej Urbanik   (CV >>)
President, 41st Congress of the Polish Medical Society of Radiology






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